Apple Certified 2M Lightning USB Cable

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  • Long 2m / 6.5ft cable for extended reach
  • Tangle-free design for easy use and storage
  • 2.4A output for optimal charging
  • Flat cable design to reduce tangling
  • High-performing inner components
  • Strong and durable construction
  • Apple-certified cable


Introducing the Gadjet Apple Certified 2M Lightning USB Cable with 2.4A Output - the perfect solution for fast and efficient charging of your Apple devices. With a flat cable tangle-free design, this is a must-have cable.

Powerful 2.4A Charging

The GadJet 2m Apple Certified Lightning Cable is designed to provide lightning-fast charging for your Apple devices, this certified cable ensures optimal performance and reliable power delivery, making it the ideal companion for all your charging needs.

2m / 6.5ft Long Tangle-Free Cable

Boasting a generous 2-metre (6.5ft) length and a tangle-free flat cable design, the GadJet 2m Apple Certified Lightning Cable allows for convenient and unrestricted charging of your Apple devices.


High Performance

Enhance your charging capabilities with the Gadjet Apple Certified 2M Lightning USB Cable. With high performance and reliability, this certified cable ensures swift and efficient charging for your Apple devices.


Model:   CA22

Apple Certified:   Yes

Function:   Charge, Sync, Transfer

Input:   2.4A

Output:   2.4A

Cable Length:   2m / 6.5ft

Compatible:   Lightning devices

Care Guide For Prolonging Product Lifespan

• Avoid sharp bends when connecting the cable to prevent damage.
• When disconnecting, gently pull the connector, not the wire.
• Never wrap the cable around your arm, hand, or wrist. Instead, loosely wrap it in a circle following its natural curve.
• Avoid storing with metal objects to prevent wear and tear.
• Keep cable organized and protected when not in use.
• Keep away from extreme environments and sunlight.

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Black, Green, Grey, Orange

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  1. Sam

    Quite happy with a purchase

  2. Patel

    Had this for a few months now quality is good, definitely buy it again if I ever need to

  3. Thom89

    Works as intended.

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