2m Type-C to Type-C Cable + USB-A Adapter

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  • Super fast 60W Charging
  • Compatible with Type-C PD Fast Charging
  • 2 Metre / 6.5 ft long cable for reaching inconveniently placed outlets
  • Tangle-free cable design
  • Built-in USB-A Adapter for extra compatibility
  • Built with premium inner components
  • 480MBps high-speed data transfer


The GadJet 2m Type-C to Type-C Cable + USB-A Adapter makes it simple and quick to charge your devices. This premium 2 Metre / 6.5ft long cable with a built-in USB-A Adapter is compatible with Type-C to Type-C + USB fast charging and is made for ultra-rapid 60W charging.

60 Watt Fast PD Charging

Enjoy ultra-fast charging speeds with our Gadjet Type-C to Type-C cable, compatible with 60 Watt PD Fast Charging. Don’t simply settle for slow charging – upgrade your charging experience today!

Type-C to Type-C + USB Charging

Our GadJet Type-C to Type-C cable is the ultimate Type-C charging choice and is widely compatible with a large range of devices. With its premium-quality construction and premium inner components, you can trust our cable to keep your devices powered up.

Designed For Durability

Our Gadjet Type-C to Type-C Cable has been developed with durability in mind. It has been constructed from robust materials and designed to endure the regular usage it may be subject to.


2-Metre Long Braided Cable

The tangle-free braided construction of our Gadjet Type-C to Type-C Cable makes it simple to store and use without the inconvenience of knots and tangles. This cable’s length of 2 metres gives you the freedom to use your devices without being restricted to a power outlet.

Built-in Type-C To USB-A Adapter

For ease and versatility when charging your different devices, our Gadjet Type-C to Type-C Cable includes a very convenient built-in USB-A adaptor. This cable is the best option for your charging needs as it makes it super easy to switch between Type-C and USB-A ports without requiring any additional adapter.


Crafted With High Quality Materials

Our Gadjet Type-C to Type-C Cable is made with high-quality components to guarantee dependable and quick charging for your devices. This cable is made to last thanks to its strong build and tough design, serving as a reliable choice for all of your charging needs.


Model:   CA27

Watt:   20W (Type-C to 8-Pin Lightning)

Input:   9-5V 2.4A

Output:   9-5V 2.4A

Transfer Speed:   480Mbps

Cable Length:   2m / 6.5ft

Material:   Nylon Braiding

Compatible:   Type-C / USB-A to Lightning

Package Contents:  1 x Charge & Sync Cable, 1 x User Manual

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  1. Syd S

    Does as described, with no issues after a few months of use

  2. Kelly


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