2-Metre AUX Audio Cable

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  • 3.5 AUX Audio Cable
  • 2m / 6.6ft Extra Long Cable
  • Flat Tangle-Free Design
  • Crystal clear audio transmission
  • Universal Compatibility


The Gadjet 2-Metre AUX Audio cable is the perfect solution for your audio needs. With 3.5 AUX universal compatibility and a flat tangle-free design, this cable provides a seamless audio experience without any hassle.

2 Metre / 6.6ft Long Cable

The Gadjet 2-Metre AUX Audio cable is designed to give you extra flexibility when it comes to audio connectivity. With a 2 Metre / 6.6 ft extra long cable, you can easily connect your audio devices without worrying about distance constraints.

Flat Tangle-Free Cable

Your audio experience will be made simpler by using the  Gadjet 2-Metre AUX Audio cable. This cable’s flat, tangle-free design makes it possible to connect your devices without worrying about annoying tangles or knots.


Model:   AU22
Function:   Audio Connect
Lenght:  2m / 6.6ft
Compatible:   Universal
Package Contents:  1 x 2-Metre AUX Audio Cable, 1 x User Manual

Care Guide For Prolonging Product Lifespan

• Avoid sharp bends when connecting the cable to prevent damage.
• When disconnecting, gently pull the connector, not the wire.
• Never wrap the cable around your arm, hand, or wrist. Instead, loosely wrap it in a circle following its natural curve.
• Avoid storing with metal objects to prevent wear and tear.
• Keep cable organized and protected when not in use.
• Keep away from extreme environments and sunlight.

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  1. Harry

    I use it to connect my headphones to my PC

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