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With over a decade of experience in the industry, we are a leading UK supplier of high-quality Mobile Accessories and work with thousands of independent stores, supermarkets and international forecourt chains.

Gadjet is a market-leading supplier of high-quality Connectivity, Mobile accessories and Non-Food products to forecourts, convenience stores and other retailers.

With over a decade of experience in the industry, we have established ourselves as a trusted and reliable partner for some of the largest retailers in the UK and Europe.

With our large range of popular items, eye-catching retail merchandising, excellent customer service, competitive pricing and a passionate team, we can take your store to the next level.

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“Entering into the partnership with GadJet has been a great decision for us and it is already paying off in a short period of time. We have already seen a solid increase in sales.”

David EllisCommercial Brand Manager - WHSmith & Krispy Kreme

Trusted by Thousands of Retailers

Why Choose GadJet?

We're Dedicated To Exceed Your Expectations.


10+ Years in Business​

You will be working with an established, experienced company.


5 Million+ Happy Users

You will be selling popular items from a reputable, trusted brand.


Satisfaction Guaranteed​​

We will strive to meet and exceed your expectations. ​​


High Margin Retail Solutions​​

You will enjoy excellent profit margins on impulse products. ​​


Hassle-Free Warranty

Our products come with a hassle-free warranty and ensure customer satisfaction.​​

GadJet Lock

Anti-Theft Retail Displays​

Our eye-catching displays are designed to prevent theft while still being easily accessible.​


Plastic-Free Packaging​

We are on a journey to make to make all our packages plastic-free. ​


Fast, Effortless Sales​​

Our eye-catching Displays do all the hard work for you and ensure fast sales of impulse accessories.​

GadJet Counter CDUs

  • High-visibility compact displays
  • Beautiful, eye-catching designs to attract customers
  • Effortless sales from impulse purchases
  • Space-Saving CDU takes up minimal space
  • Suitable for low-space counters
  • Anti-Theft or Self-Serve options
  • Customer Self-Serve availabl

Our sales from Mobile & Tablet Accessories has increased significantly and we are very impressed with the performance of the GadJet team. Apart from the excellent range of quality accessories in their attractive displays, we really appreciate the passion and the professionalism that GadJet have brought into the business. Partnering up with GadJet has been an excellent decision for us.

Junaid ManjraHead of Convenience Retail, EG Group

GadJet Floor FSDUs

  • Space-saving freestanding display units
  • High capacity with 100+ products
  • Optional locking mechanism for your ease of mind
  • Designed to take up minimal space on your shop floor
  • Slim, eye-catching design will attract customers
  • Large range of exciting new products

“We have a great working relationship with GadJet, they have been very responsive and effective since commencing trading together. They have a compact but broad range of phone accessories, which have been selling extremely well in all our stores. I would highly recommend GadJet.”

Patrick Sewell Sewell Group

GadJet Bespoke Solutions

  • Custom-sized and flexible layouts for walls and gondolas
  • Fully flexibile layouts for the perfect fit in your store
  • Available for small or large retail spaces
  • Optional locking mechanism for your ease of mind
  • With eye-catching branded headers and bases
  • Large range of exciting new products

“GadJet have proved to be a profitable and well-presented supplier to our eleven service stations. The compact display solution means that we can sell a wide range of products from a small area. Customers are happy with the range of products which are closely monitored and updated by GadJet to ensure that they are all up to date. I would highly recommend GadJet to any site that is not already selling a range of phone accessories.”

Joe BroughManor Service Stations Limited
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"We have had GadJet Station products in our estate of petrol forecourts since the end of last year, they have proven to be an enormous success with many repeat purchases, customers really appreciate the quality of the product. I would have no hesitation in recommending GadJet Station products and look forward to continuing our flourishing partnership."

Chris LoachHKS Retail Limited