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  • Super long 3-metre / 10-foot Lightning cable for extended reach and flexibility
  • Constructed with robust braided material for enhanced durability and tangle-free use
  • 2.1A output for quickly and efficiently charging your iPhone / Lightning devices
  • Includes a convenient cable holder for easy organisation
  • Compatible with a wide range of iPhones and Apple Lightning devices


Get the most out of your charging experience with the 3-metre long Lightning cable for iPhones, featuring tangle-free braided material, a 2.1A output, and a convenient cable holder.

2.1A High Performance

With a high-performance 2.1A output, the GadJet Extra Long 3-Metre Lightning Cable delivers optimal charging speeds and seamless connectivity.


For USB-A to Lightning Devices

Designed to be compatible with USB-A to Lightning devices, the GadJet Extra Long 3-Metre Lightning Cable lets you to effortlessly sync and charge your devices iPhone and Lightning devices.


Robust Design For Durability

The Gadjet Extra Long 3-Metre Lightning Cable is expertly crafted with durability and longevity in mind, offering long-lasting performance.


Free Cable Holder

The GadJet Extra Long 3-Metre USB Cable offers extended length for convenience as well as a free cable holder, ensuring a tidy and organised charging experience.


Crafted With Premium Materials

The GadJet Extra Long 3-Metre Lightning Cable is engineered with premium inner components which deliver a reliable and efficient charging performance.


Extra Log Tangle-Free Cable n

Experience the freedom of extended reach and tangle-free charging with the Gadjet Extra Long 3-Metre USB Cable. With its generous 3m/10ft length, the cable offers convenient connectivity while ensuring a hassle-free charging experience.


3 Metres of Unstoppable Connection

Experience high performance charging with the GadJet Extra Long 3-Metre Lightning Cable that has been crafted with premium materials which ensures reliable and secure charging for your Lightning devices.



Model:   CA09

Function:   Charge, Sync, Transfer

Length:   3-metre  / 10-foot

Input:   2.1A

Output:   2.1A

Material:   Nylon braiding

Compatible:   Lightning devices

Package Contents:  1 x Charge & Sync Cable, 1 x Cable Holder, 1 x User Manual

Care Guide For Prolonging Product Lifespan

• Avoid sharp bends when connecting the cable to prevent damage.
• Use the provided cable holder to prevent the cable from falling on the floor.
• When disconnecting, gently pull the connector, not the wire.
• Never wrap the cable around your arm, hand, or wrist. Instead, loosely wrap it in a circle following its natural curve.
• Avoid storing with metal objects to prevent wear and tear.
• Keep cable organized and protected when not in use.
• Keep away from extreme environments and sunlight.

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14 reviews for Extra Long 3m USB Cable

4.6 Average Rating Rated ( 14 Reviews )

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  1. Andrew87

    Used in the bedroom and living room where the socket is behind the bed and sofa

  2. Jane S

    Arrived a few days late. Good quality product.

  3. Vlad

    I needed a long cable and this one has been very durable so far.

  4. Karan


  5. Jess

    Love the orange 3m cable they are such good quality as in they don’t overheat! I wish they charged my phone faster but I usually charge overnight so it doesn’t matter

  6. Alan

    Only used it a couple of weeks, but it works as promised

  7. Kuba

    I highly recommend this

  8. Richard

    Good product

  9. Mark

    Good service, fast delivery

  10. Daniel

    So far no problems and got one in the car that reached the back seat

  11. Kimmy


  12. Gemma

    Works great and good length

  13. Ele

    Love the length of this cable

  14. kaz


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