Car Rear View Mirror Phone Holder

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  • With built-in anti-scratch silicone pads
  • Includes an extendable bracket for optimal positioning
  • Offers full 360° rotation for the best viewing angles
  • Equipped with an extendable mirror attachment
  • Universal compatibility for 99% of smartphones


The GadJet Car Rearview Mirror Phone Holder is fully adjustable with 360-degree rotation option and keeps your smartphone in view and safe while on the road.

Extendable Bracket

Get a convenient view of your smartphone while on the road with the GadJet Rearview Mirror Phone Holder, with an extendable bracket for a customized fit and secure grip with 99% smartphone compatibility, ensuring your phone stays in place on the road.

Adjustable Handle

The GadJet Rearview Mirror Phone Holder features an adjustable handle and anti-scratch silicone pads to keep your device secure.

360 Rotation

With the GadJet Rearview Mirror Phone Holder, which has a 360-degree rotating design that adapts to various angles, you can get the ideal viewing angle for your smartphone while you’re on the road.



Model:   H17

Function:   Phone Holder

Angle Rotation:   Yes

Compatible:   Phones up to 86mm width

Package Contents:  1 x Phone Holder, 1x User Manual

Care Guide For Prolonging Product Lifespan

• Please clean any dust or dirt from the mounting surface before attaching the holder.
• If the suction cup has visible dirt or dust, wash it using warm water and soap. Allow the suction cup to air dry naturally before reusing it.
• Clean regularly with a soft cloth.
• Make gentle adjustments; avoid excessive force.
• Ensure compatibility with your phone.
• Avoid overloading with heavy devices.
• Inspect for damage or wear periodically.

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