Auto-Grip Gravity Vent Phone Holder

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  • 99% smartphone compatibility
  • Unique and easy-to-use gravity design
  • Premium design for optimum grip
  • Convenient and adjustable air vent clip
  • Anti-scratch silicone pads for enhanced protection
  • For smartphones up to 8.5cm in width


The GadJet Auto-Grip Gravity Vent Phone Holder is a premium-designed accessory offering optimal grip for your phone. The holder ensures a secure and comfortable fit for smartphones up to 8.5cm in width, making it universally compatible with 99% of smartphones.

Universal Compatibility

Discover the GadJet Auto-Grip Gravity Vent Phone Holder with Adjustable Car Vent Clip, a must-have accessory for a secure and convenient phone mounting solution in your car. Its gravity design and adjustable clip ensure a snug fit, while its universal compatibility makes it suitable for most smartphones, providing a seamless driving experience.

Secure Phone Mounting

GadJet Auto-Grip Gravity Vent Phone Holder with Auto-Grip Design is the perfect solution for effortless and secure phone mounting in your car. With its innovative auto-grip feature, this holder ensures a firm hold on your smartphone, while its gravity vent design allows for easy installation and optimal viewing angles.


Ultimate Convenience

Experience the ultimate convenience with the GadJet Auto-Grip Gravity Vent Phone Holder featuring an adjustable angle. This versatile accessory allows you to customize the viewing angle of your phone for optimal visibility and comfort, making it the perfect companion in your car.

Hassle-Free Use

Make your phone mounting hassle-free with the GadJet Auto-Grip Gravity Vent Phone Holder. With its user-friendly design, simply place your smartphone on the holder and the arms will auto-grip, ensuring a secure and enjoyable driving experience.



Model: HL21

Function: Phone Holder

Mechanism: Air Vent Clip

Material: ABS + Silicone

Net Weight: 51g

Compatible: Phone width between 64-85mm

Package Contents: 1 x Phone Holder, 1 x User Manual

Care Guide For Prolonging Product Lifespan

• Please clean any dust or dirt from the mounting surface before attaching the holder.
• Clean regularly with a soft cloth.
• Make gentle adjustments; avoid excessive force.
• Ensure compatibility with your phone.
• Avoid overloading with heavy devices.
• Inspect for damage or wear periodically.

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  1. Ritchie

    Holds my Samsung securely

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