Triple Splitter Switch

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  • Features convenient On/Off switches for ports
  • Includes 3 cigarette lighter ports
  • Equipped with 2 USB charging ports.
  • Delivers a powerful 120W charge


Introducing the Gadjet Triple Splitter Switch - the ultimate car charger with 3 cigarette lighter ports and 2 USB ports, ensuring wide compatibility and safety protection while providing a powerful 120W charge and 10A max output for all your devices on the go.

120W Total Power & 10A Max Output

The Gadjet Triple Splitter Switch boasts an impressive total power of 120W and a maximum output of 10A, making it the perfect solution for charging multiple devices simultaneously while on the road.

3 x Cigarette Lighter Sockets & 2 x USB Charging Ports

Stay charged and connected on-the-go with the Gadjet Triple Splitter Switch featuring 3 cigarette lighter sockets and 2 USB charging ports. With its wide compatibility and safe protection features, it’s the perfect car accessory for powering up all your devices.

Wide Compatibility

The Gadjet Triple Splitter Switch – the perfect solution for  your charging needs in the car! With wide compatibility, this device can accommodate multiple devices and ensure they stay fully charged at all times.


Model:   CH27

Function:   Triple Splitter Switch, 

Ports:   3 Cigarette Lighter Sockets, 2 USB Charging Ports

Input:   d.c 12-24V

USB Ports Output:   5V 1.5A

Sockets Output:   120W 10A

Compatible:   Universal

Package Contents:  1 x Multi Socket Adapter, 1 x User Manual

Care Guide For Prolonging Product Lifespan

• Periodically check the charger for any signs of wear, frayed wires, or loose connections.
• Regularly clean the charger using a soft cloth or a small brush to remove any dust or dirt.
• Avoid leaving the charger inside the vehicle on hot days or during freezing temperatures.
• Avoid overloading the charger.
• When not in use, store the charger in a cool and dry place.
• Avoid exposing the charger to water or moisture.

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  1. Daniel87

    Its great so far

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