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The frustrating times of having to remove your gloves in order to use your smartphone in the current freezing conditions is over. Whether you are a retailer or a consumer, Gadjet has you covered with the release of the brand new range of Smart Touch Screen Gloves.

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The Smart Gloves Display is perfect for retailers that already have a Gadjet Display Unit in their store. We understand how valuable your counter space is, so we have created the Smart Gloves Display in a way that it perfectly sits on top of the Gadjet Display Unit without taking any extra space on the counter. It has also been designed to match the Gadjet Display Unit in appearance so that it complements and completes the original stand.

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The comfortable gloves are available in three popular colours and have a special conductive material woven into the fingers letting you tap, scroll and pinch your mobile device without having to remove your gloves. Whether it is 5 degrees or -5 degrees Celsius, you will be able to text while you wait at the bus stop, scroll through your images whenever you want, and dial your favourite number during the wintery snow.

If you want to purchase Smart Gloves or want more information, please have a look at the Smart Gloves page.

If you are a retailer and want more information on the Smart Gloves and how to sell them in your store, please contact us on 0121 546 0300.

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