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Broken iPhone Cables







If you have ever owned an Apple Lightning cable, the image above will not come as a shock to you. The overpriced Apple cables are notoriously flimsy and break very easily, which is why a lot of people are switching to other companies. Buzzfeed even did a whole article just on this subject called “Dear Apple, We Need To Talk About Your Ridiculous iPhone Chargers“.

The icing on the cake is the measly 1.5 star rating that customers have left the Lightning Cable on the Apple website. So this is a real problem. But when there is a problem, a solution is not a far away. Gadjet has you covered. Here is a list of the top three best USB Cables for iPhones.

3. Elite Metal iPhone Cable (£7.99)

Gadjet Elite 8 Pin USB Cable iPhone 5 / 6 Blue / White

Coming in at number three, this 1.2 metre long cable is perfect for those who want a premium quality iPhone cable that will last a long time and not fail on them. It has a strong and robust build quality with a sleek and unique look. Its thicker than average cord offers extra protection to the inner components and also makes the cable extra durable – allowing it to withstand thousands of more bends than Apple cables. It has been built with premium materials using the latest technologies. The result is an elegant and unique cable that is both functional and  durable.



2. Apple Certified Braided Lightning Cable (£12.99)

Charcoal - Gold MFI Cable small

This beautiful Braided USB cable has been certified and approved by Apple, meaning a chip has been inserted to ensure that it will be compatible with all future iOS updates and will never have compatibility issues. The finest materials have been used to put this cable together, and the braiding fabric feels like magic in your hands. It has a very robust design and has been built with state-of-the-art components. The 1.2 metre length is also a bonus, allowing you to reach inconvenient outlets. Overall, this is one of the best iPhone cables due to the quality of its built, its sleek and unique feel, its Apple certification, and also its longevity  – but first place for the best iPhone cable cannot go to every cable!


1. Apple Certified Dual Lightning / Micro Cable (£13.99)

2 in 1 Lightning Micro CableFirst place for best iPhone Cable has to go to Dual Lightning / Micro Cable. Not only is this smart cable Apple Certified and approved, it is also one of the most convenient cables out there. The lightning port allows you to connect to any Apple lightning device, but this clever cable also lets you connect and charge any of your Micro USB devices. The days of carrying several cables for different devices is over – this cable changes everything! It looks modern and sleek, it has a premium feel in your hands, and it also lets you charge different devices with a single cable. This cable is a no-brainer and is a must have for everyone who owns more than one device.
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