Tablet & Phone Cup Holder Mount

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  • For smartphones and medium sized tablets
  • Excellent stability
  • Fully adjustable
  • Easy installation
  • Flexible arm
  • Locking mechanism


Introducing our Gadjet Tablet & Phone Cup Holder Mount - the ultimate solution for hands-free device usage on the go. With excellent stability and a fully adjustable, flexible arm equipped with a locking mechanism, this mount offers easy installation and a secure grip on your devices, making it the perfect accessory for any car.

Extendable Brackets

Say goodbye to uncomfortable and unsafe device usage while driving with our Gadjet Tablet & Phone Cup Holder Mount featuring extendable brackets. With its secure grip and fully adjustable, flexible arm, this mount provides excellent stability and can fit most smartphones and tablets.

Locking Mechanism

Our Gadjet Tablet & Phone Cup Holder Mount features a secure locking mechanism to keep your devices in place while you drive, making it the ideal accessory for any road trip or daily commute.

Flexible Arm

Get ready to enjoy the ultimate convenience with our Gadjet Tablet & Phone Cup Holder Mount featuring a flexible arm design. This innovative accessory allows you to adjust your device to the perfect angle for comfortable and easy viewing, making it ideal for long drives and busy days on-the-go.

Adjustable Base

Upgrade your in-car entertainment experience with our Gadjet Tablet & Phone Cup Holder Mount featuring an adjustable base. This versatile accessory ensures a secure fit for a wide range of cup holder sizes, providing a stable and accessible platform for your devices while you’re on the road.

Suitable For Smartphones

Keep your smartphone within reach and easily accessible with our Gadjet Tablet & Phone Cup Holder Mount. Designed to fit most smartphones, this versatile accessory is perfect for streaming music, navigating, or making hands-free calls while on the road, providing ultimate convenience and safety.

Suitable For Medium-Sized Tablets

Uur Gadjet Tablet & Phone Cup Holder Mount is designed to accommodate medium-sized tablets. With its sturdy construction and adjustable base, this mount offers a secure and comfortable viewing experience for your device, making it perfect for long road trips or busy days on-the-go.

Ultimate Stability

Say goodbye to wobbly devices while on the road with our Gadjet Tablet & Phone Cup Holder Mount, featuring ultimate stability. Our secure locking mechanism and adjustable base provide a stable and reliable platform for your devices, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride every time.


Model:   HL13

Function:   Phone Holder

Installation:   Car Cup Holder

compatible:   Smartphones + Medium Sized Tablets

Size:   26cm x 8cm (Min) 32.5cm x 9.5cm (Max)

Weight:   210g

Material:   ABS

Package Contents:  1 x Cup Holder Mount, 1 x Manual

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  1. Jeff

    Keeps my phone up without impacting visibility

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