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Magic Cable – Lightning / Micro Connector




  • One cable for all your devices
  • Compatible with both Lightning and Micro USB devices
  • Beautiful Fishnet design
  • Quickly sync and transfer your data
  • 1.2 metre cable length for convenience
  • Save yourself the hassle of carrying different cables!


(15 customer reviews)
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Magic Cable | Gadjet Mobile Phone Accessories

Magic Cable

Magic is real after all… Whether you want to charge your iPhone or Micro USB device, this Magic Cable does it all with one pin connector. That is right – one pin for both your Lightning and Micro USB devices! Save yourself the hassle of carrying different cables for your different devices, this cable is all you need!

The stunning Magic Cable lets you quickly charge your iPhone or Micro USB device while you transfer and sync your data. Premium materials have been brought together using state-of-the-art technologies to create an elegant and functional cable for any device you want to use it with.

Magic Cable Gold

The days of having to struggle with charging your device from inconveniently placed outlets is over. The Magic Cable has a generous length of 1.2m, making it ideal for reaching outlets and increasing convenience for the user.

Syncing and transferring your movies, images and music to and from your Lightning or Micro USB device has never been easier and can be done quickly and efficiently. You simply need to connect your device to your laptop or computer and start the syncing and transferring process.

The Magic Cable has been expertly crafted and engineered to last and is compatible with all Lightning and Micro USB devices. Get yourself a unique Magic Cable today! Looking for a different cable? Have a look at our Extra Long 3m Micro USB CableExtra Long 3m Lightning Cable and Apple Certified Lightning / Micro Dual USB Cable!


Warranty 6 months
Model CA07
Function Syncing and charging
Connector Pin Lightning / Micro
Cable length 1.2 metre
Product weight 40 grams
Colour Black / GoldRed / Silver
Compatible with All devices with a Lightning port: iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5, iPad Mini, iPad AirAll devices with a Micro USB port: most Samsung, HTC, Blackberry, Xperia, Nexus, and LG phones, mp3 players, cameras etc.
Package quantity 1
Package net weight 100 grams
Included in package 1 x Magic Cable


Additional information


Red / Silver, Black / Gold

15 reviews for Magic Cable – Lightning / Micro Connector

  1. Jes

    This item arrived this morning and I have to say, this is one of the most useful cables I have used. I have lots of different cables that I use for all my different devices but I can use this one for most of them. I have just locked away all my Micro cables and also my iPhone cables and will just use use this one from now on. It charges fast and it feels like quality product. I really can’t believe it has taken so long for a cable like this to come along!

  2. Bradley G

    We have a an iPhone 6 and a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in our house and because of lack of plugs we tried this cable. This cable actually works and does a great job.

    Excellent quality, easy to remove connector.

  3. Sam45

    Fantastic little handy cable. Not everyone has an iPhone and not everyone has a micro USB device. This caters perfectly for myself as I have an iPhone and my partner who has a Samsung phone. Great buy, especially for the price.

  4. phil1972

    Exactly what it says on the tin! Works with iPhones and Samsungs

  5. Mel

    So far so good. Very useful to have both connectors in one cable.

  6. Victoria

    This Magic cable has been brilliant on every device I have tried it with so far, including galaxy S6 and S7 and iPhone6 and iPads.

    Ordered 2 more today as my partner “borrowed” mine as soon as he saw it!

  7. Amy Reid

    Overall I am very happy with this magic cable – it works with my Ipad and HTC perfectly. When I first connected the cable with my phones I had to figure out which way to use for my iPhone and which for my HTC – but that was not a real issue. The cable can actually be plugged in both ways in iPhones but only works one way. So I first thought it doesn’t work but as soon as I plugged it in the correct way it was working perfectly. Overall I am very pleased with the cable 🙂

  8. jeff b

    Although you have to make sure you plug it in the right way with the iPhone, it is quite convenient to have one cable that does the task of two!

  9. keno

    Saw a review of this on a different website and couldn’t resist buying it. I have made the right decision and this cable actually works with all of my lightning devices and also my samsung phone. Cool or what!

  10. oscar21

    This is genuinely a brilliant cable. I wanted a cable that I could use for my iphone and also my kindle and this one is perfect. It feels strong and well made unlike some of the previous cables I have tried.

  11. Zara

    Product is not bad but it came late and took around a week to arrive so I couldn’t give it as a present for my son’s birthday.

  12. Nigel76

    Seems to me that the iphone part of the cable charges slightly faster than the opposite samsung charger, which is not acceptable for me as i need the samsung for business purposes, does work really well with the Gadjet car charger i ordered with it though.

  13. Suzi

    I still can’t believe this work both ways, but it does and it has turned out to be very useful for me. It’s the only cable I use now.

  14. Jess Silvester

    This wire has made my life so much easier when it comes to charging my products, this one wire can charge every single piece of technology i have, from charging my phone to my camera. 10 out of 10 on this product.

  15. Susan O’reilly

    This wire is very very good and does charge my phone very fast.

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