Fast Wireless Charging Phone Holder

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  • 10W Fast Efficient Wireless Charging
  • Quick Charge 3.0 Technology
  • Air Vent + Dashboard Mode
  • 360° Angle Rotation
  • Secure, Extendable Arms
  • Anti-Scratch Silicone Pads
  • LED Light Charging Indicator
  • Strong Durable Design


The Gadjet 10W Fast Wireless Charging Phone Holder features Quick Charge 3.0 technology, air vent and dashboard mode, and full 360 angle rotation, making it the perfect accessory for your car.

Extendable Arms & Anti-Scratch Silicone Pads

The Gadjet Fast Wireless Charging Phone Holder charges your phone while you’re on the go without risking scratches or other harm to your phone thanks to its extendable arms and anti-scratch silicone pads.

360° Full Rotation & Convenient Air Vent Clip

The Gadjet Fast Wireless Charging Phone Holder has a 360-degree rotating design that adapts to various angles so you can get the ideal viewing angle for your smartphone while you’re driving.


Model:   HL15

Function:   Wireless Charging Phone Holder

Input:   9V/1.67A

Output:   A9V/1A (10W)

Input Port:   QC3.0 charger is needed for Quick Charge

Micro USB

Wireless Output:   10W

Wireless Charging Compatible:  Qi-enabled devices

Package Contents:  1 x Wireless Charging Phone Holder,

1 x Micro USB Cable 1 x User Manual

Care Guide For Prolonging Product Lifespan

• Please clean any dust or dirt from the mounting surface before attaching the holder.
• Regularly clean the charger using a soft cloth or a small brush to remove any dust or dirt.
• Avoid leaving the charger inside the vehicle on hot days or during freezing temperatures.
• Clean regularly with a soft cloth.
• Make gentle adjustments; avoid excessive force.
• Ensure compatibility with your phone.
• Avoid overloading with heavy devices.
• Inspect for damage or wear periodically.
• Avoid exposing the charger to water or moisture.

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  1. Dina

    Used to have trouble with my old phone holder not staying in place. This is very secure, when I’m driving I;m confident it aint going no where

  2. Joshua

    Holds my phone fine, I usually have my phone is a very rugged durable case but need to remove it to for wireless charging to work, charges perfectly without the case though

  3. Shola

    It’s great to have my iPhone wirelessly charging while mounted on the dash for navigation at the same time.

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