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5 Essential iPhone 6s Accessories

Your iPhone 6s is most likely the device you use the most in your life. It is with you when you wake up in the morning and with you when you go to sleep at night. When you are this close to your iPhone 6s, average accessories will simply not cut the mark and your phone needs something special. So we have come up with the following list of the 5 Essential iPhone 6s accessories for you to make the most of your iPhone 6s.


1. iPhone 6s Charging Dock – £8.99

Lightning USB Charging Dock Gadjet

Stand out from the crowd and charge your phone like never before. This elegant iPhone 6s Charging dock has been created with the finest materials and allows you to charge your phone while you transfer and sync your data like never before. It has been designed for the optimum viewing angle and will sit perfectly on any desk, on a counter, near the window, or anywhere else you wish to put it. It is compatible with most iPhone cases and adds a unique and modern touch to any room you place it in. Be unique!

Caution: your friends may appear jealous when they see you with this iPhone 6s Charging Dock!


2. iPhone 6s Hi-Tech Earphones – £7.99

Hi Tech Earphones Purple Gadjet

Music is something that we all love, and your iPhone 6s is the perfect device to listen it on. But you also require earphones that offer you crisper sounds and beautiful bass. That is precisely what the Gadjet iPhone 6s Hi-Tech Earphones give you. Not only that, you can also take calls on the go with the built in microphone and volume control. It is designed to fit perfectly in your ear for extra comfort and the 1 metre long cord is the perfect length to make it not too long or too short. These modern and stylish earphones come in many different colours and are the perfect earphones for all iPhone 6s owners that are also music lovers.



3. iPhone 6s Portable Battery – £7.99

Gadjet Green Universal Portable BatteryThe mini heart attack we get when we are out and about and look down at our phone only to realise it has just 10% charge left is all too common. But the iPhone 6s Portable Battery is here to ensure that your phone doesn’t run out of charge anymore – wherever you are. Whether you are in the park, going on a trip, stuck in an elevator, or just sitting in the train – this useful Portable Battery is essential for all phone users.


4. iPhone 6s Apple Certified Braided Cable – £12.99

Charcoal - Gold MFI Cable smallThe notorious Apple Lightning cables have been causing a lot of trouble for many people around the world over the years. People complain about its flimsiness and how quickly it breaks. This iPhone 6s Apple Certified Braided Cable is here to solve these problems and many other problems that come with other cables. Firstly, it is Apple Approved meaning it is compatible with all current and future iOS updates and devices. Secondly, it is built robustly with premium materials to ensure it lasts long and does not easily break. Thirdly, it charges, syncs and transfers your data at lightning speed. Fourthly, the end result is a beautiful cable that is unique and feels like magic in your hands. We haven’t just created any old cable – this is the most superior iPhone 6s cable available.


5. iPhone 6s Dual Car Charger – £5.99

Dual Car Charger White/Red Gadjet Mobile Phone Accessories

If you drive a car you will know the importance of having a car charger. When you drive on your way to work, to the shops, or anywhere else – it is frustrating when you find out your iPhone 6s has low charge and you do not have a car charger at hand. The iPhone 6s Dual Car Charger has you covered and will make sure your phone is always fully charged while you drive. It is portable enough for you to easily carry it anywhere you like in your pocket. The best part? You can quickly charge two mobile devices simultaneously. Make your life easier and get the Gadjet iPhone 6s Dual Car Charger!